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Samvedna //

"Samvedna" is an initiative of young and like minded people who are ready to take up the sacred task in the form of blood donations, financial assistance for the needy and much more. This website is created for facilitating blood donations that could save a million lives across India.

Donation of blood is a sign of kindness and care for the fellow human beings. There is no gift more valuable than a Gift of Blood, as it is actually a “Gift of Life” for the person who receives it.


Every day someone needs blood. It’s a true fact that we are facing acute shortage of blood in almost all hospitals in our city. Your blood is tested and utilized directly under circumstances/ events, such as accidents, premature births, major surgeries etc.

Who can donate Blood ?

Donating blood is safe and simple. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the blood donation process. Any healthy adult, both male and female, can donate blood. Men once in every Three months and women every Four months. Good health of the donor must be fully ensured. The universally accepted criteria for donor selection are:

  • Age - between 18 and 65 years.

  • Body weight - not less than 46 Kg.

  • Hemoglobin - not less than 12.5 g/dL.

  • Pulse - between 50 and 100/minute with no irregularities.

  • Blood Pressure - Systolic 90 -180 mm Hg and Diastolic 50 - 100 mm Hg.

  • Temperature - Normal (oral temperature not exceeding 37.5 degree C).

Facts about donors

  • The number one reason donors say they give blood is because they "want to help others."

  • Two most common reasons cited by people who don't give blood are: "Never thought about it" and "I don't like needles."

  • One donation can help save the lives of up to three people.

  • If you began donating blood at age 18 and donated every 90 days until you reached 60, you would have donated 30 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 500 lives!

  • Only 7 percent of people in India have O-negative blood type. O-negative blood type donors are universal donors as their blood can be given to people of all blood types.

  • Type O-negative blood is needed in emergencies before the patient's blood type is known and with newborns who need blood.

  • Thirty-five percent of people have Type O (positive or negative) blood.

  • 0.4 percent of people have AB-blood type. AB-type blood donors are universal donors of plasma, which is often used in emergencies, for newborns and for patients requiring massive transfusions.

Tips on Blood Donation

  • Have a good meal at least 3 hours before donating blood.

  • Accept the snacks offered to you after the donation, it is vital that you have them. You are recommended to have a good meal later.

  • Avoid smoking on the day before donating. You can smoke 3 hours after donation.

  • You will not be eligible to donate blood if you have consumed alcohol 48 hours before donation.

Organize Blood Donation Camp
If you also wish to organize a volunteer blood donation camp in your area, call upon us. We use to organize such camps under the banner of “NSS Cell, Uttarakhand” a Social Service Scheme of Government of India. And each donor will be given individual certificate as well as the organizing partner will also be certified with our certificate.

Blood Donation Forum //

For the past few years, NSS Cell, Kumaun University has acted as the blood bank of Uttarakhand, providing blood to different hospitals in Kumaun during emergency. The NSS Cell of University maintains a database of the blood groups of all the volunteers & Programme Officers. In case of an emergency, please contact :

  • Dr. Vijay Kumar    - 8077637133

  • Mr. V. K. Joshi      - 7500331843

  • Mr. K. K. Pandey  - 9897044204

If you like to donate blood to save lives then please fill the given MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION form :


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